Friday, 11 June 2010

New Security features at national lottery

You will have to add your security number each time you add cash to your online account. Whilst this may be a pain for some, will it encourage people to add more money at once?

Why's is been done? To prove you're adding the money and not someone else messing with your account.

What the national lottery say:

Security number

They will be asking for the security number from your payment card every time you add money to your Account, so please remember to keep it handy. This security number is the last 3 digits printed on the signature strip on the back of your card, and is also sometimes referred to as a CVV/CVC code. This addition to the payment process will help prevent the fraudulent use of your card as it helps to verify that your card is in your possession.

Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode

These services are offered by Visa and MasterCard in association with your card issuer to enhance your protection when shopping online. The schemes work in a similar way to Chip and PIN, protecting your card with a password which only you know. If your card issuer participates in either of the schemes and you haven't already registered, simply follow the on-screen instructions to create your own password. If you have already registered, then enter your password and click submit. This information is completely secure, and is only shared between you and your card issuer. Your identity is verified and your transaction is secure – it's as easy as that.

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